Mortality data is often out of date and hard to aggregate at the national level.

A collection of articles and papers listed below explore this issue, the ramifications, and potential solutions.

Crowd with Masks

January 18, 2022


It's been two years since the start of the pandemic, but death counts from Covid-19 are still widely unknown and working out exact numbers poses a complex challenge.

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November 10, 2021

Press Release

Fact of Death, a new Identified Mortality Index from Veritas Data Research, provides 90% coverage for recorded US deaths


March 13, 2021

The Economist

COVID-19 modeling shows death rates depend mostly on age, whereas comorbidities sharply raise chances of hospitalization in young people.

Cemetery Gravestones

December 21, 2021

Washington Post

A new report shows that 32 states have seen 1% or more of their population age 65 and older die of Covid-19 since the start of the pandemic.

Hospital Corridor

September 30, 2021

Washington Post

The nation’s decentralized, underfunded reporting system hampers efforts to combat the coronavirus.