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Act decisively with Veritas' mortality data index. 

Fact of Death is the most comprehensive, reliable, and reasonably priced deceased identification solution in the US.


Learn how we can start supporting you today.


New data collection techniques are beginning to make it possible to access complete and timely mortality data, thereby allowing more industries to leverage mortality data as a foundational element to improve data quality and inform decisions.

Do not exclude this vital statistic from your analytical and operational workflows. 

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Veritas has sourced, collated, and indexed mortality data from over 40,000 sources to build the most complete and timely resource on the market. A 10-year historical file with weekly/monthly updates is available for approved operational and analytical use cases. 

With modestly priced Veritas annual subscription you will have access to:

  • A single consolidated file consisting of credible mortality data

  • 35+ million Fact of Death records covering 2010 to present

  • Unlimited user licenses for your organization 

  • 97+% fill rate for key data fields (PII, date of death, etc.)

Benefits and Use Cases


Data management and contact list hygiene are critical for successful engagement and appropriate communications. 


Complete mortality data allows for the rapid removal of deceased individuals from systems or flags them for investigation.


Use the Veritas mortality index to better understand customer journeys and unlock a more holistic view for analysis and intervention.


Keeping an updated database and evaluating mortality can improve research efforts, reduce marketing and admin costs, etc...

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